To celebrate international woman’s day, we recognized that South Africa is still experiencing ‘female firsts’. The first woman to move into a particular position of power, or the first woman in her family to graduate with a degree. As an extension of this, we realize what it takes in order to achieve such an accolade. Often a time this means sacrificing mental and physical health. So, in order to position the brand as an encourager to woman putting themselves first, New Balance hosted the #MeFirst Event.


On a crisp Sunday morning at Mall of Africa, Monique Lopes took 40 women through an hours workout to get the day going, followed by a 35-minute yoga session hosted by Tidimalo. Attendees were given New Balance goodie bags that contained blind vouchers. The value of these vouchers would only be revealed upon purchases in store. The purpose of this, alongside being a brand that supported women, was to increase foot traffic into the Mall of Africa store.


100% conversion of vouchers into New Balance store sales

Sold out event

+34% increase in foot traffic in store over the weekend