How do you change the way the public perceives their personal interaction with the environment?

We set out to use the Nedbank Green Trust’s 30th Anniversary as a catalyst to inspire people to take greater notice of how the environment can affect each and every one of us on a personal level every day.


Understanding that not many environmental organisations show us the positive results a healthy environment has for all of us, but rather, take the opposite route of a shock factor; we set out to find a creative solution to illustrate how the interaction between man and nature has a positive personal effect on every single one of us.  A way to elevate everyday items we take for granted (water, food, air, climate) to a position of importance, in turn reminding people of the importance of conserving nature.

We utilised the concept of ‘Readymade Art’ (a term to describe mass-produced objects isolated from their intended use and elevated to the status of art) to give deeper meaning to the everyday objects people take for granted – symbolising that through eco services and nature conservation we are protecting the food on your table, the water in your faucet or the clean air you breathe.

Our ‘art’ was published primarily through innovative influencer content driving people to Nedbank Green Trust owned platforms – taking the story away from platforms saturated with pandemic news and presenting our content through individuals who would be guaranteed to resonate with the target audience.

This was supplemented by physical art installations in Nedbank branches, bringing the concept to life in one of the only locations with consistent foot traffic during lockdown.


+180K people exposed to campaign installations in Nedbank branches

840% increase in traffic to the Nedbank WWF Green Trust Website

+4.3M impressions driven by influencer content