With post lockdown and winter struggles, Energade understood that the biggest hurdle to getting active is motivation. With a strategy of educating consumers around the importance of rehydration to fitness success, we hosted our first Energade Bootcamp to bring to life product messaging, driving brand awareness, and creating a shareable brand experience.


Driving key messaging, participants had to get active to earn their ticket to the event. Tickets could only be earned via purchase, working out, and posting about it on Instagram, creating user-generated content in the build up.

Collaborating with prominent influencers in the fitness, music, radio and TV space, Energade hosted the ultimate workout party – a fitness bootcamp for a 200-strong lycra-clad fit fam, incorporating rocking tunes, epic goodie bags, and a line-up of fun workouts led by SA’s hottest trainers.

A photo booth was setup where participants needed to get active to trigger the camera. By jumping, squatting, bouncing etc, they were able to generate memorable content of themselves across their platforms.


+431K Reach within two weeks

+27K #Itswhatyouput and #Energadebootcamp social engagement

+45% Positive sentiment