Telkom are the biggest backers of Netball in South Africa, with sponsorships across levels: Telkom Knockout Championship, Telkom Netball League, the Spar Proteas and the 2023 Netball World Cup, taking place in Cape Town. They wanted a thread that would bring alive their positioning of ‘Live your Monate’.

With increasing societal pressures being a concerning trend among young individuals, where they hesitate to fully embrace their unique identities and talents we set out to use the sponsorship portfolio as a catalyst for change, to have young girls pursuing sport in their lives through the levels.


We developed an enduring netball communications platform called #StandTall. Designed to showcase the transformative power of netball and to position Telkom as an enabler of growth and empowerment in the lead-up to the 2023 Netball World Cup and beyond.

Sport has the power to emulate real-life heroes, and athletes stand out as particularly accessible role models for young individuals. They embody the resilient pursuit of excellence, defying those who doubted their abilities and discouraged their aspirations.

Our hero piece takes viewers on a journey alongside a young girl who faces setbacks and perseveres amidst life’s challenges. Netball becomes her unwavering support, empowering her to achieve success as a professional player.

Through a blend of real and animated sequences, we portray a montage of defining moments that shape her life, highlighting the pivotal role netball plays. We delve into her vivid imagination, presenting her as a comic book-style superhero athlete, effortlessly evading opponents on the court and conquering personal hurdles. Notably, we feature the esteemed Proteas Netball Captain (Bongi Msomi), symbolizing the girl’s ultimate triumph and illustrating the potential for greatness within her.