Sport has the power of bringing people together. It also has the ability to fight gender discrimination and make women believe they can be great.

Sasol proved this using their sponsorship of women’s football, powered by an inspiring campaign called #Limitless, to finally shed women’s sport in the light it deserves locally.


Shoe laces, and the infinity shape they make when they’re tied, were the symbol. Born out of a need to get more women in SA active, realising their potential and fighting escalating gender inequality, we used Banyana’s progression to, and debut at the FIFA World Cup as the fairy tale.

The multi-faceted campaign went on a journey of telling powerful stories, creating opportunities and empowering women through the game.

The #Limitless campaign climaxed building up to and during the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Following media and fans sending the team off in style from Sasol Place, the following campaign elements flowed:

  • Three #Limitless content stories and a lead piece that aired on SuperSport
  • SuperSport broadcast package and social media partnership
  • Personalised Avatars sent to fans that sent messages of support
  • Influencer seeding packs that included limited edition Banyana shirts
  • Viewing experiences for each game at Chaf Pozi in Soweto


+1.8M #Limitless video views online

+569K #Limitless engagements

134% YOY increase for support of Banyana on social media platforms


• Marketing Achievement Awards ‘Strategic Sponsorship’ and ‘Purpose Led’ winner
• Prism Awards ‘Sports Marketing’ winner
• New Generation Awards ‘Online PR’ winner