The #Lifein247 campaign for New Balance’s flagship drop in 2017 – the 247, was globally positioned as a shoe to fit your lifestyle, all day, 24/7.

But instead of throwing one launch party that had become the norm, we wanted something more authentic with longevity. So, we collaborated with six unique venues across Joburg that served as destinations for influencers and sneaker enthusiasts once they got their hands on a pair of 247 classics, rewarding them with great bespoke experiences at each outing.


#Lifein247 campaign packs contained an instruction manual, a map pointing out the six venues in Joburg and an RFID card that needed to be registered online. Once that was done your card could be swiped on the 247 pod at any of the venues, resulting in it greeting you and redeeming your reward.

From morning to party, the experiences were all about covering your lifestyle regardless of time of day. In Braam, Father Coffee served consumers up a coffee and The Kalashnikov Gallery handed you a limited edition resident artist commissioned 247 print. From there you could head across to Moboneng and catch a bike ride with the Whippet Cycling Company. After that put your feet up for a complimentary movie, pizza and drink at the Bioscope. Then to close things off we partnered with the Good Luck Bar in Fox Street where you could jump the que for free entry into any party/gig and/or head to Rosebank’s secret gem, Sin and Taxes where acclaimed cocktail maker, Julian Short would serve you the 247 inspired cocktail. These experiences could be claimed in any order over a month.

Eight influencers got their hands on 247 cards first (delivered with their sneaker drops), where they shared their experiences and drove hype around the campaign before it opened to the public via SportScene. The influencer promo video featuring campaign ambassador, Hussain van Roos then ran, raising awareness and pushing consumers in Joburg to go take up the experiences themselves.

Brand and user content then flowed from the venues, where memories were shared and life was lived to the max in the 247, 24/7.


206 retail experience packs seeded

7 Sportscene stores in Joburg that drove the campaign hype

+214k social media engagements

Highest sales from a New Balance lifestyle shoe launch in South Africa

New Balance Life in 247 Braamfontein 2017