The insight is you will buy wine because there is a really great story. Because there is an appreciation for the process and how it makes you feel.

‘In wine there is a story’ provided a platform for winemakers and protégés to bring their experiences and wine stories to life.

The Nedbank Cape Winemakers Guild not only provides a social experience but also aligns with Nedbank’s brand purpose ‘money experts who do good’ – all proceeds from the wine auction goes towards uplifting our future winemakers.


A website with a full digital bidding capability was created to showcase the protégés, winemakers and their unique wines. This was backed by three compelling video stories inspired by wine. The purpose of these content pieces was to ensure that we appealed to all wine lovers and showcase the amazing work being done by Nedbank and the CWG Development Trust.

A targeted promoted video, web takeovers and social media was used to bring to life the wine stories, the winemakers and the wine. All leading up to a rich and memorable experience at the Cape Town and Johannesburg CWG Auction Showcases, with the purpose of social transformation in the wine industry.


80K Raised from the auction, 704 bids in total

11K Views on #WineStory videos

11,060 Link clicks to the Nedbank CWG campaign microsite. That equates to over 500 visitors every day for the duration of the campaign

98.1% Total online positive sentiment for Nedbank CWG

R1.6M AVE value generated online through social media and PR