The Olympic Games have always been about the human spirit and its ability to rise above adversity. With the additional context of the COVID-19 pandemic that led to the Games’ postponement for the first time due to a reason other than war, this was more relevant than ever before.

Watching the Tokyo 2020 Olympics means watching the best in the world rise beyond what they even dared to dream is possible. It’s about watching debutants rise for the first time, finding out if Olympic legends could rise again, and tapping into the country and continental pride like never before. It was with this key thought that we created the “Watch Them Rise” campaign for SuperSport’s Olympic coverage across all African markets.


Main TVC
We created two iterations of the hero video piece: One that was distributed across SuperSport’s African markets, and another created specifically for the South African market. This featured Olympic stock footage from over the years alongside shot sequences, all edited together to tell the “Watch Them Rise” story whilst driving SuperSport’s business objectives through a CTA. The TVC also featured a brand new track exclusively composed for the campaign.

Digital Cutdowns
Cut-down versions of the TVC were edited and resized specifically for SuperSport’s various social media channels – without compromising the “Watch Them Rise” storytelling component.

Social Media
We created daily stats pieces focused on the South African, African, and global debutants and stars. These included unique narratives that added an editorial layer to the live-action that was constantly on display across the eight dedicated Olympic channels.

Reactive Templates
A series of reactive social media and digital templates were created ahead of the Olympics to cut down the turnaround time and ensure that reactive content could go out across SuperSport’s digital channels in real-time.

Scripts and promos were also created and aired on various acquisition-relevant radio stations across the country to create further awareness about the SuperSport offering.


+139.8M Total social media impressions on #Tokyo 2020 content and ad units over the 17 day period of the Games – an average of 343k people reached every hour

+8M Total video views across the campaign over 17 days. An average of 329 views per minute

+1.8M Click-throughs to the SuperSport website over the course of the campaign

+2K New SuperSport app downloads – a 6% increase