With the insight that not enough women are active in SA and considering the proven physical and mental benefits, we set out to create a campaign that would entice more participation in and support for women’s football:

Inspired by the infinity figure of eight sign a shoe lace makes when it is tied, we made this the symbol for #Limitless: a movement that inspires and drives more interest in women’s football, championed by Sasol.


Limitless shoelaces were created to challenge people around the country to wear them as a symbol of their support for women’s football.

The campaign was spear-headed by the lead 60’ commercial, aimed at resonating with girls and ladies interested in football. The mission was to land a refreshed, world class product. No more playing second fiddle or being perceived as CSI.

A song was created where the manifesto was evolved into lyrics and performed by 2018 SAMA award winner Rouge. The song was adopted by Banyana as their anthem and played across all national team and Sasol League touchpoints throughout the year.

From there the focus was on #Limitless social content, stories and engagements that would change perceptions and behaviours and inspire a greater game locally.


+456k participation figures, up from 200k in 2016

+1M #Limitless video views

+46k #Limitless social media engagements

10 named in Activative’s top 10 global sports marketing campaigns for 2018