In 2023 the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup came to South Africa – our biggest sporting event since the 2010 FIFA World Cup.  On the face of it, this once again presented a major opportunity to showcase our ability to host iconic global events.

In reality however, our challenge was to ensure it didn’t place a spotlight on South Africa’s disappointing relative (to the global stage) progress across women’s sport.

We were set a task of maximising stadium attendance across the tournament – a large undertaking considering previous turnouts for women’s sport was notoriously low.


We needed to give the tournament a bigger voice.

So, we decided to Turn up the passion, the conversation, the cricket, and the volume. It was Africa’s time to TURN IT UP!

‘Turn it Up’ became a rallying cry to take this tournament to another level.

It was our lead message – create hype between you and your friends, and, an action-orientated CTA – urging participation.

Our natural starting point was a tournament anthem – so we partnered with hip-hop artist, Rouge to create a song as the focal point for our rallying cry.  From there we showed how loud things were about to get across touchpoints.


1 Attended women’s sporting event ever in South Africa

790% Increase in South African viewership vs previous women’s World Cup