Here’s to Outsurance and possibly the most underrated sponsorship in the country – the Outsurance Pointsmen. Money well spent by the insurance powerhouse but at the same time opportunity lost in many ways.

Once again on the way to work this morning I was helped through an intersection of traffic lights that weren’t working and as a result saved about 15 minutes by these guys. It’s hard to say how many hours of productivity over the years they have saved.

But it got me thinking that this really is a great sponsorship that should be leveraged further.

Now it’s not your traditional platform that allows a brand access to something an audience choose to engage with, i.e. music, sport etc. But this is a case of a brand adding huge value into a copious amount of people’s lives consistently, and that’s the holy grail.

It’s also a classic case of a brand stepping in and providing a much needed service to the public.

I just don’t think Outsurance shout about it enough and do not understand the true potential it offers. I haven’t noticed any ATL, PR or Digital/social support for the activations that would turn it into the integrated campaign it deserves. They really should think about amplifying the initiative through other existing marketing platforms in order to make more of an impact. I’d love to see some research into the sponsorship and the positive brand feedback as a result of the project.

Outsurance should be using their sponsorship as a hero in their communications. Who really cares about a made up ATL campaign about their staff “bending over backwards”? They’re bending over backwards in reality every week at intersections all over Joburg, helping thousands to have a better start to the day.

And in the best practice, modern age of sponsorship, consumers and brands are seeing the far-reaching benefits of connecting communities with partnerships that have a real social impact. The free flow of traffic on already heavily congested roads is a social issue and, for Outsurance, potentially far more meaningful and impactful than their multimillion rand ‘bend over backwards’ campaign.

To highlight what makes this sponsorship opportunity so powerful:

  • The ability to engage with thousands of people on their way in to work and on their way home again
  • The ability to integrate key messaging into activations with a greater chance of attention from drivers due to the help received and the interruption at the traffic light
  • Consistent brand presence in alternating high traffic areas
  • An initiative that transcends race, gender, language and LSM groups
  • The genuine value added to thousands of people each dayWhat the Outsurance Pointsmen demonstrates is that sponsorship need not only be sport and entertainment, but that a positive contribution to anything that people care about or that effects their lifestyle can be harnessed.If only Outsurance spent more on leveraging this awesome initiative, maybe they wouldn’t need to produce unrealistic adverts trying to convince people that they’re bending over backwards for them. Maybe they’d have one of the most powerful sponsorship campaigns in the country.

    Next time they save you 10 minutes remember what can make all the difference in a sponsorship. All hail added value!

Written by Struan Campbell, Director of Strategy at Levergy.