While the Nedbank Running Club is the most accessible and widespread in the country, a lack of awareness of this and an elite performance perception was the reality, with an impressive but stagnant membership base.

We responded by creating the ‘More Than a Club’ campaign, aimed to make the club more attractive to all levels of runners and shine a spotlight on the great stories across development, ordinary members and the elite team that year-on-year leads the pack.

While we all run for different reasons, everyone wants to improve and to be a part of something bigger themselves, something meaningful. The Nedbank running club is uniquely available to anyone across the country, has the best elite runners and the most impactful development programme.

The Nedbank Running Club is more than a club, it’s a movement.


A fully integrated campaign that was spearheaded by a hero commercial capturing the essence of what More than a Club is all about.

We kicked off with a teaser video and a full club warm up run in Cape Town the day before the Old Mutual Two Oceans. That was followed by a build-up to Comrades. Live content teams across both events delivered stories that would lead to our hero content piece launch:

A 1:30 longer form piece on YouTube was supported by a 30’ cut down across social channels. The lead creative painted a picture of your average runners struggle to motivate themselves to put in the effort, portrayed with a runner needing to wake up early on a cold winter’s morning. But when she sees her famous Nedbank Running Club vest hanging up, it motivates her to get out and be a part of the movement.

The piece shows how it’s more than a club – it’s a nationwide movement, a team, a home for the elite and the aspiring. The club is a developer, a supporter and a social crew. As we see the development hubs in action, base level runners and Comrades heroes, including 2018 and 2019 winner Gerda Steyn.

The campaign was supported by club social content, activations and PR.


+1.2K New platforms followers

+629K Platform impressions

41.1K Total engagements generated from organic #MoreThanAClub content