How do you make a tangible difference to your team in Africa’s biggest cup final without being at the match?

With all fixtures after football’s restart being played behind closed doors, Nedbank needed a solution to bridge the atmosphere and live fan contribution components.

Nedbank Cup Fanmode was the result, ensuring that even though fans could not be present, they could still be seen and heard.

In line with the broader #PlayYourPart campaign it gave fans the power to share their sentiments  throughout the game – all in real-time, from the safety of their homes.


Fanmode was developed as a Webpage rather than an app to eliminate the barrier for entry. It consisted of designated fan pages for each team where fans could select a range of interactions: Applause, Yebo, No, their respective club’s song, flag wave and vuvuzela blow and the ability to shout in their phone’s microphone.

Big screen in stadia ‘vibe boards’ for each team in which fan imagery and input was shown in real-time, visible to players as well as on broadcast.

Social posts through Nedbank’s owned platforms, educating fans on what Fanmode was and its use in the build-up. In addition, Fanmode content was also integrated into live match day coverage on social platforms.


+2.4M match engagements

+127K social media engagements