There’s a new player on the sponsorship field and they are promising to introduce some innovative tactics to the game. Levergy is a creative communications agency specialising in the leveraging of sport and entertainment properties that deliver measurable results. While that may sound like something existing sport’s sponsorship companies should be doing anyway, the Levergy founders point out that, in the past, this has been far from the reality. “For too long, sponsorship agencies have predominantly focused on badging – getting your brand name on signage and maximising media exposure.” says Struan Campbell, Strategic Director and co-founder of Levergy. “At Levergy, we believe you’re wasting your time with sponsorship unless you leverage it effectively. We place a massive emphasis on strategic, scientific, creative, effective and measurable leveraging that adds value to the brand and the fan and delivers on ROI and ROO (return on objectives).” They call it “strategic engagement” and it’s all about creating experiences that resonate with the brand and ensure affinity through added value.

Levergy is founded by ex-Exp colleagues Clint Paterson (previous Sponsorship and Activation Director), Struan Campbell (previous Head of Strategy), and Justin Rosenberg (previous Operations Director). All have extensive experience in the sports sponsorship industry and have a number of awards to their credit. The name itself was derived from a number of words – leverage, energy, synergy, strategy. These lie at the heart of the company and, according to CEO, Clint Paterson, will enable Levergy to take sports sponsorship into the future. “For years, sponsorship has been characterised by the same players using the same tried and tested techniques. Clients deserve more. We are excited, and believe the industry will be too, to bring a fresh, best practice approach to the business.” To prove their point, Levergy has partnered with one of the country’s leading digital/social media agencies.

This type of collaboration is unique to the sponsorship industry and allows them to offer a 360 solution. As Paterson concludes, “Successful sponsorship in 2012 and beyond will be determined by those brands that are willing to embrace creativity, add value and entrench themselves legitimately within the spaces they own. At Levergy we aim to empower clients to do just that.”